Victor Sports Care Bag Kit




VICTOR 'On-Field' 1st aid kit packed in a VICTOR Sports Care Bag.

Health Warning
Always read the label and follow the Directions For Use.

General Information
A collection of equipment for the initial treatment of minor to moderate injuries.

1x Amputated Parts Module
3x FAC Conforming Bandage W5CM
2x FAC Medium Support Crepe Bandage W10CM
1x FACE Safety Pins Assorted 12pk
1x FAC Disposable Splinter Probe 10Pk
1x FAC Register Of Injuries Book & Pen
1x FAC 20ml Saline Pods (LB)
1x FAC 100ml Saline W/Eye Cap (LB)
1x FAC Cotton 200X300X300
1x DAC Non-Adherent Dressing 7.5cmx10cm 10Pk
1x Wound Wipes 10Pk
1x FAC Premium Plastic Strips
1x Wounded Antiseptic Tea Tree Gel 25G
1x Gauze Sterile Pieces 7.5x7.5cm 5Pk
1x FAC Disposable Resus-Safe Shield 
1x Sharps Container 100ml
1x TFA First Aid Pamphlet Folded
1x FAC 20ml Saline Pods (LB) 5Pk
1x CPR Resuscitation Pocket Card FAC
1x Victor Sports Bag 
1x Disposable Gallipot
1x FAC Fine Forceps 12.5cm
4x FAC Triangular bandage DISP 110x155cm
10x FAC Alcohol Wipes Singles
5x FAC EYE Pad Single
1x FAC Emergency Thermal Blanket
1x FAC Instant Cold Pack Sml
1x 50C Sharp/Blunt Scissors
1x FAC Sterile Burns Dressing 7x7.5cm
5x Nitrile Gloves Pair
1x FAC Adhesive Tape Non Woven 2.5x5cm
3x FAC Conforming Bandage 7.5cm
3x FAC Wound Dressing NO15
1x Kidney Dish


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