Victor Pro Foam Tape


Size: 5cm - Box of 6


Highly Conformable Elastic Foam Tape

Victor Pro Foam Tape is a highly conformable elastic foam tape that stretches in all directions. The multi directional stretch allows the tape to conform well over joints and gives to swelling to improve comfort. Adheres securely to irregular contoured sites.  Victor Pro Foam Tape is hypoallergenic, latex free and water resistant. Ideal for use to minimise pressure areas and to cushion and protect from blisters, chafing, rubbing, and friction.   


  • Highly conformable
  • Multi directional stretch
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free
  • Cushions and protects
  • Minimises pressure areas
  • Water resistant

Materials: Foam, acrylic adhesive

 Sold in 5cm x 5m ( Box of 6)  or 7.5cmx 5m ( Box of 4)


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