Victor Bum Bag Kit




Small 1st Aid Kit packed in a Victor Utility Belt.

Health Warning
Always read the label and follow the Directions For Use

General Information
A collection of equipment for the initial treatment of minor to moderate injuries 

1x Victor Sports Waist Bag
1x CPR Resuscitation Pocket Card FAC
1x FAC Wound Dressing No.15
1x FAC Sharp/Sharp Scissors
1x FAC Triangular Bandage Disp 110cm x 55cm
1x FAC Wound Cleansing Wipe - Single
1x FAC Safety Pins Assorted Pack of 12
1x TFA First Aid Booklet
1x FAC Adhesive Tape Non Woven 1.25cm x 5m
1x Plain Seal Plastic Bag - Large
1x Plain Clip Seal Plastic Bag - Small
1x FAC Conforming Bandage WSCM
1x FAC Tweezers 9cm
1x Victor Sport Hand Tear Stretch Tape 50mm
1x Nitrile Gloves - Pair
1x FAC Premium Plastic Strips


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