Saniflex Sanitiser Dispenser Touch Free Floor Stand


Size: Wall Mounted


Saniflex Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - Wall Mounted

Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser widely used in health care, schools, hotels, restaurants, stations, airports and other public areas. Small size, space-saving, flexible installation and convenient, with intelligent induction, contact-free, to avoid cross-infection.

The unit is independently assembled, easy to replace and clean. It has a manual cover to replace liquid. The shell is made from environmental ABS material.

The dispenser has its own 1 litre refillable bladder. Any hand sanitiser can be used. We recommend using Saniflex Hand Sanitiser 5L to refill the bladder. The viscosity of the gel has been adjusted to work with dispensers and provide the best user experience.

  • Sensing method: Infrared auto-sensing
  • Sensing Range: 0-12cm
  • Response time: 25ms
  • Power Supply: 4 x C size battery (Non rechargeable), or DC 6V power supply
  • Battery working time: 10000
  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Liquid Pump: Spray / Soap/ Form
  • Net Weight: 0.85KG
  • Height: 24.8cm


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