Orfit Economy Mini Perforated - 2.4mm

SKU: ORF8938N.4

Size: 2.5mm (45 x 60cm)
Perforation: Mini Perforated 3.5%


The Solution for Tight Budgets! - Orfit Eco is extremely well suited for large and/ or rigid splint fabrication. It is a great product for elbow, forearm, wrist, ankle, and even back supports as well as anti-spasticity splints, long arm splints and lower extremity splints. Sheet Size: 45 x 60cm.
Low Cost:
  • Recycled material for cost effectiveness without sacrificing quality!
  • The solution for tight budgets!
Low activation temperature (65 degrees C):
  • Can be moulded directly on the patient
  • Does not become too soft or stretchy when overheated
  • Low energy cost
  • Allows adequate working time to complete correct alignment
No Coating:
  • Temporary bond while moulding
  • Adheres to itself when dry heated
  • Does not allow permanent bonding unless desired
  • Attachments to splint are done with ease
  • No need to use solvent or cement
  • Excellent conformability with moderate resistanceto stretch
  • No uncontrolled draping
  • Provides perfectly fitting splints with maximum comfort for the patient
Good Elastic Memory:
  • Stretching up to 300%
  • Splints are easily remoulded for serial splinting or positional corrections
  • Splints are easily corrected to provide relief of pressure points~~Superior Surface Finish:
  • Provides superbly finished and professional look to fabricated splint
  • Easy to clean or polish~~Low Shrinkage:
  • Maintains the shape and dimension determined by the size of the limb
  • No risk for excessive pressure or compression
  • No problems with splint shrinkage during fabrication ~~Product Range:
  • Product is available in different thicknesses and perforation types
  • Gives the user the possibility to choose the most suitable material for a specific application in terms of rigidity and ventilation~~Splint Applications:
  • Orfit Eco is extremely well-suited for the fabrication of large and/or rigid splints
  • Great for long arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand and even ankle supports


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