Mindray Green Wall Bracket


Product: Mindray Green Wall Bracket


Used for C1 or C2.

Mindray Defibrillator AED Wall Bracket with Mounting Kit (C series, Green)

  • Description: Wall bracket (C series, Green)
  • Unit: each

An AED or an Automated External Defibrillator is a device that is used to restart the heart of someone who has had a cardiac arrest. To make it accessible for public use, AEDs are usually mounted or bracketed in the wall for ease of use when emergency situations arise.

The AED wall bracket is a device that attaches to the wall and holds an AED in place. It can be mounted on any type of wall, but it is usually mounted on the outside of a building or in an area where there are many people.  This AED wall bracket in particular is compatible with Mindray AED BeneHeart C series.



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