Maxi Heel & Lace Pad - 50m Roll


Product: Maxi Heel & Lace Pad - 50m Roll


Maxipore is a Hypoallergenic multipurpose tape, typically used in wound dressing, blister prevention, undertaping and bandaid type solutions.

Rolls of Maxipore are pre-cut into lengths of 10cm (75mm width) and perforated for easy tear.

  • 1mm thick, 10cm x 10cm foam pad
  • Ideal for support & protection of blisters & tape cuts
  • Apply directly to skin prior to taping to protect the skin
  • Foam comes in a roll 50m long & the squares are easily torn away at perforation
  • Dispensers can also be purchased for ease of application & storage
  • 50m Foam Roll & Dispenser sold separately


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