Mueller Lite Ankle Brace

SKU: MUE4552



The Mueller Lite Ankle Brace offers advanced support after an ankle injury to help you get back into the game.

Mueller Lite Ankle Brace helps protect weak or injured ankles. Its slim, hardshell design fits in your shoe without feeling awkward or bulky around your ankle. Recommended for volleyball, basketball, or similar sporting activities.


• Padded, semi-rigid shells help protect against inversion and eversion sprains.

• One strap with hook and loop fasteners makes on-and-off fast and easy.

• Hinged pivot points allow ankle flexibility and full mobility.



• Wear brace over sock.

• Place brace inside shoe first. Brace imprint indicates outside of ankle for proper placement.

• Step into shoe and align the pivot points with ankle bones on both sides. (Higher ankle bone is on inside.)

• Secure shells with the adjustable top strap. 

• Allow brief break-in period while brace adjusts to your ankle.




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