Formthotics Sport Run Shock Stop - Light Green/Blue


Size: XX-Small


Run ShockStop is a specialised custom fitted high performance shock absorbing insole. Run ShockStop provides maximum shock absorption, cushioning and stability.

Formthotics Sport Run ShockStop is a specialised, custom fitted high performance shock absorbing insole.

Independent lab tests have shown that ShockStop excels in reducing impact shock when compared with other commonly used materials.

ShockStop excels at absorbing impact and dispersing pressure. By adding a laminated layer of the unique ShockStop material to the Formax base you get maximum impact absorption plus the natural support sytem of Formthotics. This means enhanced stability, feedback and comfort every day; every run.

Run ShockStop is suitable for novices and seasoned marathoners, particularly those who run often on hard concrete surfaces, to help reduce the risk of injury.

Please note: Due to the nature and composition of the ShockStop foam, Run ShockStop should be replaced more regularly as the cushioning characteristics may diminish over time. On average, Run ShockStop worn every day in one pair of shoes, may need replacing every six to twelve months (dependant on variables such as body weight, activity level and the body's unique biomechanics).

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