Flexeze Heat Body Wrap - Box of 24




  • Ultra thin and discrete
  • Undetectable under clothing
  • Super stretch material - one size fits all
  • Also fits ice gel packs for ice compression wrap therapy
  • Box of 24 Wraps
  • Whenever you feel muscle tightness (back, neck, shoulder, orwhen experiencing menstrual cramps)
  • Before, during or after sport, gardening or other physically challengingactivities
  • When standing or sitting for long periods such as sporting events, workingat a desk, driving, watching TV, or during a flight
  • While outdoors on COLD winter days
  • Ideal for overnight use and people with sensitive skin
The FlexEze Body Wrap fits up to two FlexEze Heat Patches. Please read directions on FlexEze Heat Patches before using with FlexEze Body Wrap. Place FlexEze Heat Patches inside wrap pocket with adhesive side towards the body to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.Fitting 2 patches correctly, may require stretching the wrap pocket. Alternatively, position wrap around treatment area first and then insertpatches into pocket. Position pocket over the desired treatment area. Note: It may take up to 20 minutes for maximum heat to be attained. Heat will last approximately 12 hours.


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