Ferno Carbon Fibre Spine Board


Poduct: Ferno Carbon Fibre Spine Board


At a lightweight 5 kg, the Carbon Fibre Spineboard is the only one of its type in the world combining unmatched strength, rigidity, flotation, ease of carry and comfort for patients weighing up to 220 kg.

The Ferno 390CF spineboard is compatible with ambulance stretcher patient harnesses which allows full transportability of the patient from incident to hospital. 


  • 14 large raised handholds provide great manual handling options
  • raised sides for easy hand grip access
  • Smooth durable finish makes the Carbon Fibre Spineboard impervious to body fluids
  • Quick cleaning and decontamination
  • Strong, yet light in weight  (5 kg)
  • Buoyant for water rescues
  • MRI and CT scan compatible
  • X-Ray translucent


WIDTH     WEIGHT    SWL      
183 cm 42 cm 5kg 220 kg


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