Comffit Elevators - Moulded Heel Lifts


Size: 4mm Small (3 Pairs)



Comffit Elevators - Moulded Heel Lifts

A New Kind of Heel Lift

Maintain their shape over time
Regular heel inserts can ‘wedge’ or malform after a limited period of use, making them ineffective. In contrast, Comffit Elevators are made with a material that resists getting misshapen. They will last 5 times longer than regular heel lifts!

More stable in the shoe
The unique moulded design features a flatter surface at the point of most impact, while the lip shape cups the heel and helps prevent slippage in the shoe.

Shock absorption + lift
A carefully selected density provides shock absorption, reduces pressure on the heel bone yet provides genuine and stable lift to the heel.


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