AllCare Rest & Revive Memory Foam Pillow


Density: Soft


For a truly restful sleep

Australian made
The new Allcare Rest & Revive memory foam pillows feature a unique foam whereby the viscosity decreases with an increase in temperature. Thus it becomes more flexible the warmer it gets. Your pillow will begin to mould to a perfect shape to support you when you are settled in a sleeping position.

Select from three different memory foam hardness levels: Soft, Medium, and Medium-Firm, providing you with a wide latitude of choices to suit your personal comfort needs. Each level provides excellent cervical support and helps to align your spine in a neutral position while sleeping—leaving you feeling rested and revived in the morning

Our Bamboo Pillow Covers
Our pillow covers are designed for long-term freshness. The fabric is made using bamboo which offers excellent ventilation thanks to the microscopic holes in bamboo fibres.

Pillow dimensions:
74 cm long x 43cm wide x 15 cm height

What is memory foam?
Memory foam is a blend of polyurethane (a polymer made as a byproduct of petroleum refining) and additional chemicals that give the memory foam its low-resilience.

It was originally developed by NASA in the 1970s for airplane cushioning and has since become one of the widest materials used in pillows.


  • Wonderfully soft
  • Excellent Heat Regulation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Protection Against UV Radiation
  • Crease-resistant without ironing
  • Sweat and stain resistant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Zipper opening

Please Note: Due to hygienic reasons, we do not exchange or refund pillows unless they are faulty. Please ensure that you have selected these items carefully before purchase.


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