Addaday Boomerang Body Massager




The Boomerang full body massage roller alleviates knots, tension, and tightness to improve flexibility. This massage tool is the right length for a full-body massage and ideal for relaxing your muscles, taking care of lactic acid buildup, and restoring your muscle health. 

Convenient & Customizable Pain Therapy 

The Boomerang’s massage roller strap contours around your body and its handles make it easy to massage your arms, legs, shoulders, and feet, as well as your muscle fibers, tendons, and ligaments by providing stability and control.

Enhanced Comfort 

This massage tool includes 3 blue and gray gears that have our softest Skin Surface Technology (SST) that accurately connect with the skin and fascia, which helps with muscle rehydration, elimination of knots, and helps flush out lactic acid while providing you with a softer feel to your massage.

Durable Relief Tool

  • Keep it at home or take care of tired muscles on-the-go.
  • It's made from durable material that can withstand your weight and won’t break down.


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