66fit Weighted Oval Massage Rollers - Set of 2

SKU: BP-SM12-350



Target sore muscles in tight spots with a set of two 66fit Oval Weighted spiky massage rollers.

Special sand filling - Use your full body weight underfoot to effectively massage plantar fascia.

The 66fit oval shaped spiky massaging roller set comprises two identical firm sand-filled ovals with flexible spikes packaged and presented in an attractive colour box.

The slightly flexible spikes not only mean that the rollers are extremely comfortable to hold but also promote sensory stimulation during use.

Simply rolling the spiky massage rollers in different directions stimulates circulation to treat areas of sore, aching and painful muscles. By applying gentle pressure as you roll the handheld ovals will help increase blood flow relax uncomfortable knotted muscles and relieve tension.

The oval shaped spiky massage rollers are proven to be particularly effective for use on the feet. The ergonomic contoured oval shape means that weight is distributed evenly over a large surface area making this product ideal for sore painful arches and cramping to help stretch out tight muscles and increase blood flow to the soles of the feet.

Why Choose the 66fit Set of Two Weighted Oval Massage Rollers?

Manufactured to a high standard this spiky oval roller set is a great value multidimensional self-massage product. Designed with portability and storage in mind the two rollers are easy and comfortable to use to stimulate circulation and relieve tension targeting sore fatigued muscles in tight spots.

The multipurpose spiky rollers may be used simultaneously or alone to treat hands feet shoulders neck arm and lower leg muscle pain.

The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to use the massage rollers, with additional in-depth videos available online.


  • Using the set of two oval 66fit Weighted Oval Massage Rollers is a great value way to massage muscles and relieve tension in tight spots.
  • Contains two firm sand-filled rollers for use on hands, feet, shoulders, neck arms and lower leg muscles.
  • A perfect size, these oval massagers fit into the palm of your hand for use with flexible spikes to promote sensory stimulation.
  • Comfortable and easy to grip thanks to their contoured oval shape and flexible spikes
  • The 66fit spiky massage rollers are portable and compact enough to take anywhere and are easy to clean and store


Features: 2 x 66fit oval Spiky Massage Rollers
Product size: 12cm x 6cm (each)
Materials. PVC/ Sand filled.
Box Dimensions: 10.5cm x 10.5cm x 5.5cm 
Presented In: Colour Box 
Packed Weight: 700gms (325g each)


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