Cricket Bat Duncan Fearnley Magnum Super

SKU: 16730137

Size: Harrow


  • The Magnum Super was the 2nd generation of the world renowned ‘Magnum’ from the 1980’s & 90’s. Large profile, thick edges, fantastic balance and finished with the original decals.

  • Finest Malaysian Manau Cane Handle of 12 piece construction with Treble-sprung rubber wedge inserts in the base and strung with strong rayon twine for the ultimate performance
  • Scale textured high-grip rubber bat handle grip finished with Duncan Fearnley’s signature black & white tape.
  • Finest Quality Handcrafted Air-dried English willow blade
  • Traditionally hand-shaped with modern large concave profile
  • Big forgiving sweet-spot giving a larger hitting-zone
  • Superbly weighted & balanced
  • Blade individually pressed for the ultimate performance
  • Shaped large edge profile
  • Beautifully waxed polish finish
  • Toe-guard fitted for added damp and toe protection
  • Grade III English Willow


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